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Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research

The Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research was established in 1980 under the terms of a gift to the University of Cape Town by the Kaplan Kushlick Foundation and is named in the honour of the parents of Mendel and Robert Kaplan. It is now an autonomous centre with its own governing body.

The Kaplan Centre is the only one of its kind in South Africa. It seeks to stimulate and promote the whole field of Jewish studies and research at the University with a special focus on the South African Jewish community. The Centre is multi-disciplinary in scope and encourages the participation of scholars in a range of fields including history, political science, education, sociology, comparative literature and the broad spectrum of Hebrew and Judaic studies.

The Centre is engaged in both research and teaching and functions as a co-ordinating unit in the University. Its resources are used to invite distinguished scholars to teach Jewish-content courses within established University departments, to initiate and sponsor research projects and to strengthen the University's library holding of books, microfilms and archival sources. These research materials are made available to members of the University and to accredited visitors from the wider academic community.